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“Blessing” is a film destined to be a great resource to help open lines of family discussion in Gay Mormon families as well as families of any faith. Blessing is a very powerful and moving film that has already touched the hearts of people wherever is has been shown. Whether you are “gay” or “straight” the message in this Gay Mormon film by Stephen Williams will help you to analyze your personal biases or prejudices about the Gay Mormon men and women or just gay men and women you come in contact with everyday. Steven Williams is also working on his first full length feature about the struggles of Gay Mormon, father well respected in the Mormon Church as he tries to deny his gay feelings and strives to maintain his activity in the church and the affect that struggle has on his marriage and family. Stephen Williams is currently in the process of acquiring funding to produce this new Gay Mormon feature film.


Host a screening of “Blessing” in the Salt Lake Area.

Stephen Williams

f you would be interested in hosting a screening of “Blessing” and other works by Independent Filmmaker Stephen Williams, visit the Contact Us page of our website and send us a note. We will contact you to discuss the possibility of arranging a screening for your group.

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We look forward to talking with you a arrange a screening for your group.

“David and Jonathan” Evolving

I sat down with Stephen Williams Sunday and had a long chat about the changes that were being introduced into the screenplay, as a result of the comment from actors and audiences that had given feedback to him.  I think the changes are going to have a huge impact on the film in a meaningful way.  I was able to share some of my thoughts, from my own experience, with him and the paradigm shift I felt that needed to take place in the minds and hearts of the audiences.  Stephen feverishly took notes and so we will have to wait and see how all of the feedback and input come together to create the final screenplay.  Now if he can just the the money and backers he needs to start filming.  Wow what a powefrul resource this film is going to be.  I see film festival awards in the future, knowing Stephen Williams talent.

Reading of David and Jonathan

A New Screenplay by Stephen Williams

When: June 2, 2:00 PM
Where: Salt Lake City Library Auditorium (410 So. 200 E.) Moved to Classroom C downstairs
What: Reading of New Screenplay, David and Jonathan, by filmmaker Stephen Williams
Who: Reading by well-known local actors:

Anne Decker, Teri Cowan, Kim Blackett
Don Farmer, Aaron Swenson, Nick Zacharias
Darrin Doman, Leticia Velez, Daisy Blake
Peder Melhuse

Join us as local actors read filmmaker Stephen Williams’ newest script, David and Jonathan. The film examines the inner life of a prominent, devout married Mormon man struggling with his homosexuality. The character’s inner turmoil is juxtaposed against the often bitter public/ religious feud over this divisive issue. The film explores the tension between sexual identity versus cultural identity. The film is representative of the struggle of many gay Mormon men.
Audience feedback is solicited and may help shape the evolution of the final screenplay. Click in “Comments” above this post to leave your feedback.

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Member of LDS Family Fellowship Weigh-in

LDS Family Fellowship ( is a diverse group of individuals, mostly parents with gay children, active in helping to establish equal rights for their gay children. This is a post where they can add their feeling from watching the film “Blessing.”

“Blessing” is a powerful, short film about the nuances encountered in typical LDS families with gay members. Mr. Williams has done a masterful job in laying bare the subtle and not so subtle forms of discrimination within a family that is obviously trying to be tolerant while not showing approval for an out gay family member they don’t understand or approve. The film utilizes a particularly poignant interaction in the relationship between a father and his gay son, their ecclesiastical leaders and other family members to serve as an example of the tension that exists when unconditional love and tolerance are not proffered. It is a beautiful film with a great message for everyone. – Gary Watts

Ask Stephen Williams, Producer/Writer, a Question

If you have seen the film “Blessing” or would like to know something about it, post a comment here with your question. Stephen will respond to the questions. Be aware that this blog is incorporated into the website for the film “Blessing” and questions and comments will be visable there.

Blessing shown at Baptist gathering 3/29/2007

Stephen Williams was the guest speaker at a small potluck gathering in Fruit Heights sponsored by memebers of the Baptist Church. Stephen showed 3 of his short films, “The Cufflink”, a documentary on sound and “Blessing.” All three were well received especially Blessing. Stephen discussed that he is working a full length film that should prove to ve very powerful based on his description. His fiilm will soon be available on a website

I attend this gathering and was deeply moved by the film and decided to create this blog for people to share their experiences in conection with the film. In my estimation this film is a must have for any gay Mormon man and woman or their families to begin looking at how families accept their gay children.