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“Blessing” is a film destined to be a great resource to help open lines of family discussion in Gay Mormon families as well as families of any faith. Blessing is a very powerful and moving film that has already touched the hearts of people wherever is has been shown. Whether you are “gay” or “straight” the message in this Gay Mormon film by Stephen Williams will help you to analyze your personal biases or prejudices about the Gay Mormon men and women or just gay men and women you come in contact with everyday. Steven Williams is also working on his first full length feature about the struggles of Gay Mormon, father well respected in the Mormon Church as he tries to deny his gay feelings and strives to maintain his activity in the church and the affect that struggle has on his marriage and family. Stephen Williams is currently in the process of acquiring funding to produce this new Gay Mormon feature film.


“Blessing” Seeks to build bridges, receives attacks

skylar on July 28th, 2007 writes: 

“this is a disgrace to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and to the Christian beliefs. I do not understand (1) why it has to be about mormons because all Christians do not support homosexuality. You dont have to hate a gay person just because you are Christian. You can be friends with them actually but not support the fact that their gay. Accept it and treat them fine but support for homosexuality from a Christian is out of the question because I could love every person on this planet but i do not support homosexuality because i believe marraige is between a man and a woman and the film you are making is a disgrace to Christians and the fact that you are targeting The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is dispicable. Its sickening and degrading that the word Mormon and gay are in the same sentence. Youre pathetic and need to investigate more clearly before you decide on topics to make your bum movies!”

Host a screening of “Blessing” in the Salt Lake Area.

Stephen Williams

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Blessing – Independent Film by Stephen Williams

Collage of pictures from Blessing Blessing – An independent film by Stephen Williams – is an important film dealing with the subject of including a gay Mormon family member in a sacred family ordinance, a priesthood blessing. This forum is for people to discuss their responces to the film. The official website for the film is, and this blog is embedded in that website.

Member of LDS Family Fellowship Weigh-in

LDS Family Fellowship ( is a diverse group of individuals, mostly parents with gay children, active in helping to establish equal rights for their gay children. This is a post where they can add their feeling from watching the film “Blessing.”

“Blessing” is a powerful, short film about the nuances encountered in typical LDS families with gay members. Mr. Williams has done a masterful job in laying bare the subtle and not so subtle forms of discrimination within a family that is obviously trying to be tolerant while not showing approval for an out gay family member they don’t understand or approve. The film utilizes a particularly poignant interaction in the relationship between a father and his gay son, their ecclesiastical leaders and other family members to serve as an example of the tension that exists when unconditional love and tolerance are not proffered. It is a beautiful film with a great message for everyone. – Gary Watts