Reading of David and Jonathan

A New Screenplay by Stephen Williams

When: June 2, 2:00 PM
Where: Salt Lake City Library Auditorium (410 So. 200 E.) Moved to Classroom C downstairs
What: Reading of New Screenplay, David and Jonathan, by filmmaker Stephen Williams
Who: Reading by well-known local actors:

Anne Decker, Teri Cowan, Kim Blackett
Don Farmer, Aaron Swenson, Nick Zacharias
Darrin Doman, Leticia Velez, Daisy Blake
Peder Melhuse

Join us as local actors read filmmaker Stephen Williams’ newest script, David and Jonathan. The film examines the inner life of a prominent, devout married Mormon man struggling with his homosexuality. The character’s inner turmoil is juxtaposed against the often bitter public/ religious feud over this divisive issue. The film explores the tension between sexual identity versus cultural identity. The film is representative of the struggle of many gay Mormon men.
Audience feedback is solicited and may help shape the evolution of the final screenplay. Click in “Comments” above this post to leave your feedback.

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5 comments so far

  1. karlito on

    Please add your feedback to the reading here. You comments are very welcome.

  2. Kevin Jacobson on

    I had the privilege of attending the live reading of “David and Jonathan” this afternoon at the City Library. It was a very moving experience for me.

    I loved the honesty of it all. Having succumbed to religious tradition of another type, I found myself spending 4 1/2 years in an ex-gay ministry, “trying not to be.” I heard it all there. I loved the conversation between Douglas and his friend at work, as he tried to justify “I’m not gay.” Believe me, I’ve said those same words – – and heard them over and over again in my time in the ex-gay movement.

    Again, thanks for the opportunity for us to be a part of the initial process. I really can’t wait to see the completed work.

    Blessings to you!

    Kevin Jacobson

  3. Julie on

    As for the David and Jonathan narration I believe you are wasting that fabulous title on your work. Not saying your work wasn’t good….it was very good….but the story of D and J was a LOVE story….and there was no love in your story of Steve. He was selfish and self centered. He loved no one….not his wife or his children, not the young men he used, not the members he preached to…and most likely not himself.

    I also think you need to do much more of the “DON’TS” in the LDS church…i.e. don’t masterbate, don’t have sex before marriage, don’t have same sex experiences, etc., etc., etc. which sets people like the Steves of the world up to fail and make mistakes….. “forced” into marriages too early before they have a chance to figure out exactly what makes THEM happy and before they drag spouses and children into the messes they create. Steve probably should have never married and if there hadn’t been so many DON’TS perhaps he could have learned more about himself.

    Just my opinion.

    Good luck to you…Julie

  4. Julie on

    I just thought of a way you could introduce the “Don’ts” in your prospective film (if you’re interested).
    You could do it with Steve preaching (hammering) the don’ts into his own children and to the members he preaches.
    Thanks for listening. Julie

  5. tovorinok on


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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